Our experience representing individuals and businesses with respect to zoning, land use and environmental matters has given us insight and an informed approach to representing municipalities. We represent municipalities both as Special Counsel in litigated and energy development matters and as General Counsel to the Town Board, Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals.

As General Counsel to Planning and Zoning Board of Appeals, we:

  • advise the municipal board regarding applications submitted to it,
  • attend municipal board meetings and other appointments as requested,
  • assist the municipal board in conducting its municipal business in accordance with procedural and substantive legal requirements,
  • render legal advice in matters related to the municipal board's official capacity,
  • help the municipal board prepare for public meetings and hearings, and
  • make recommendations to the municipal board regarding proposed amendments to the Village Code.

As special counsel, we represent municipalities seeking to prosecute claims related to environmental, land use and zoning matters. We also represent municipalities when new energy producing projects are sited, constructed, or expanded within their borders.

As Special Counsel to municipalities, we:

  • challenge State actions that adversely impact the municipality;
  • defend the municipality‚Äôs Local Laws and Code;
  • assist in a drafting legislation and Code changes;
  • render advice in SEQRA maters; and
  • defend challenged municipal actions and determinations.
  • represent the municipalities in connection with NYISO Interconnection Process and Article VII review process when new energy producing projects seek to connect to a municipal energy system; and
  • represent municipalities in connection with the siting, construction or expansion of energy producing projects within their borders.
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